I wish Batman was depicted like this more often.  Many of his villains are mentally ill and victims of tragic circumstances, it would be nice to see him try to help them as much as he helps the people they put in danger because of their problems.

I tear up every time I watch this show.  “I had a bad day too, once.” 

No, but guys, do you understand why Batman says, “I had a bad day too, once.” In the graphic novels there is a moment when Joker explains himself to Batman. He talks about the day when he lost everything, and that was the day when he snapped. He says to Batman, “I had a bad day. Haven’t you ever had a bad day?” And later in the book it says,"All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy." 

It’s a sharp contrast between the characters. When the Joker’s family was killed, he was reduced to lunacy, while when Bruce’s family was killed, he began his transformation of becoming Batman. 

Sorry, I just love reoccurring themes. 


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i shouldn’t of laughed so hard at this

Pahaha. This is brilliant. 

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Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston dressed as each other’s characters at a Breaking Bad cast party.

this has completely made my night i am shitting myself

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